Interior Design Online (IDO) -   is an Auckland based company which started  online trading in July 2010. We have progressed over the years to offer an extensive range of furniture, lighting and homewares to suit many interior tastes and designs.

Shopping in person may have some advantages, but we'd argue any day that online furniture shopping is far more effective. And it's mainly about choice. Online, you have access to a much wider range of price points, design styles, materials and even customisation options.

IDO offers you the ability to:

  • Shop conveniently in the comfort of your home, any time.
  • Browse thousands of items in one place.
  • Source specifically to your design style, across 10 different decorating themes.
  • Pay exceptionally competitive prices for beautiful, original interior design pieces.
  • Receive free advise on designs and colours that will complement your existing scheme or tips on creating a entire new look.
  • We deliver anywhere in New Zealand.

Emma Dodds - Founder 

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